About My Driving School

My driving school has been helping new drivers pass their test in Dumbarton since 1997. Displaying both sensitivity and patience, I prepare my candidates for the theory and practical tests.


I aim to build up their confidence in many different driving situations and road conditions and pass on all the knowledge they'll need for their future on the road. My aim is to provide my clients with the knowledge and skill for safe driving for life.


Some background information about me:

  • I am available for appointments every day of every week.
  • I offer traditional driving instruction in a modern vehicle.
  • I do not recommend intensive driving courses as they can not guarantee a test pass - regardless of what you may have been told.  It's much better to take your lessons over an extended period. 
  • There is no such thing as a free driving lesson - someone has to pay for it - most likely it will be you.  Really cheap lessons are just that.
  • All my lessons will be the full hour, you'll get what you have paid for.
  • As a DVSA driving instructor I am patient, sensitive and professionally qualified and I adhere to the DVSA professional code of conduct.
  • Monies paid in advance for block bookings are kept in a safe customers account.